The Birthplace of Marriage

Brigham Young University-Idaho has had a reputation for being the birthplace of most romantic relationships. Not only are the college students here known for getting married fast, but also at a very young age. Most of the college students here get married before the age of twenty-five.

So how do these college kids get married so fast? Well a majority of them date anywhere from two weeks to three months before they are engaged. Then before you know it they meet their new family at the wedding and start a new life with their significant other.I have often asked myself, how do these college students do it? What makes them run off and get married so fast? How do they afford it?

The Single Life

Although, these questions remain a mystery to me, I know that there are still a few, like me, who differ from this stereotype.  The ones who enjoy taking their time to date around or feel they are not ready for marriage yet and that’s okay! I am here to specifically talk to those who are exploring the single life. I am sure there are many of you who can relate to the crazy perks and struggles of being single. Dating is not easy, and I am going to give you all tips and tricks as to how to make the most of your college dating experience.

Makayla Stoker

Makayla Stoker


Makayla Stoker is a student studying Communications at Brigham Young University-Idaho.