How Do Serious Relationships Work?


Elder Ballard once shared that, “What matters most is what lasts the longest.” I think this is key and plays an important role in my relationships with others. The more a relationship matters to us the more effort we are going to put into it and the longer the relationship will last. A relationship is a bond, connection, or an interaction between people with an emotional link. Each relationship has a function, a goal and a different base level. In my own life I have seen the positive and negative sides to a relationship and how each one has influenced me personally.

While studying my interpersonal communication I learned that, “a good relationship allows freedom of expression and reflects acceptance of the idea that the feelings of both people are important.” I think that it is important for both people in a relationship to be very accepting of the other persons flaws or mistakes. You should be able to openly express feelings to eachother. Although, the truth is hard to hear, that is what builds so much trust and honesty in a relationship and makes that relationship a positive one.

When I first met my current boyfriend, our relationship was labeled as acquaintances because we only knew eachother from mutual friends, from there we developed a friendship and then after that our relationship developed into a serious relationship. An intimate relationship is developed by an increase in open and honesty; an increase in feeling relaxed; an increase in spontaneous behavior; an increase in the number of positive comments you receive from the other person; an increase in talk about the plans for the relationship; an increase in eye contact, smiling, laughing, and touching; and an increase in the number of different topics you talk about and the depth to which you discuss them.  It was not an easy thing for me to change the role of our relationship into a serious one because at first, I feared commitment and I didn’t want to rush things; my boyfriend however was very much ready to change the role of the relationship and he showed me how to do so. Now I am so grateful we have such a strong intimate relationship because it has made me learn to trust more and be more open with my thoughts and feelings.

Makayla Stoker

Makayla Stoker


Makayla Stoker is a student studying Communications at Brigham Young University-Idaho.