The Secret to Staying Fit in College

Let’s be real it’s hard to maintain a school, social life, work, and still take care of yourself while attending college, but it is possible. What if I were to tell you that there was a way to keep a balanced, healthy lifestyle that will help you work towards your fitness goals while keeping up with the high demands of school.

There is one thing the most college students lack causing them to throw their fitness goals out the window and that is commitment. Commitment is the ultimate secret to staying fit in college. If one is willing to commit and set aside time each day to work out, eat right, and follow a few of these key tips then anyone can conquer their fitness goals in no time.

Rule #1

Drink lots of water. Water can impact not only performance levels when one works out, but it can help improve your mood, relieve fatigue, and flush out toxins; all working to keep your body healthy and happy.

Rule #2

Eat fruits and vegetables every day. By eating fruits and vegetables everyday causes the body to stay fuller for a longer period and helps maintain a nutritious diet.

Rule #3

Set a consisitent workout routine. Whether one decides to work out three days a week or five, always do a workout at the same time every day. This helps keep one on a consistent track and routine.

Remember its commitment that is the ultimate key to achieving any goal. You can balance school, work, a social life, and take care of yourself. Let your actions outshine your excuses.

Makayla Stoker

Makayla Stoker


Makayla Stoker is a student studying Communications at Brigham Young University-Idaho.